Do I have the right type of coverage? What risks are uninsured? How can we reduce claims? A risk management analysis answers these and other questions by taking a holistic approach to reviewing your risk management and insurance programs. The analysis considers how exposures are identified, defines risk tolerance levels, assesses programs to mitigate or prevent losses, reviews insurance as a risk financing tool, and assesses the effectiveness of a risk management program over time.

Gänder Consulting Group reviews claim denials, negotiates with insurance carriers, compiles claim presentation materials, and reviews coverage terms and conditions.

Should we use a multi-line retro? Establish a captive insurance company? Gänder Consulting Group performs feasibility studies in the areas of self-funding and captive formation. We define the objectives of the study, gather information, review results, and provide an unbiased opinion on how – or whether – to proceed.

An insurance coverage review analyzes property and casualty insurance policies and compares them with industry standards. When concluded, a report is generated indicating coverage highlights and deficiencies. Depending on the information provided, this process may provide insight into whether a client is over- or underinsured and if insurance coverages match related risks.

Gänder Consulting Group serves as an entity’s outsourced risk manager. We offer entities the option to retain our services on a time and materials basis. Services include, but are not limited to, contract review, insurance coverage analysis, coverage negotiation and placement, and claim assistance.


Gänder Consulting Group develops insurance coverage bid specifications based on a thorough review of operations, interviews with personnel, and an analysis of current and desired coverages.

Gänder Consulting Group manages the property and casualty competitive bid process from start to finish, including submitting a data request, preparing an RFP document, contacting agents/brokers, analyzing proposals, and providing recommendations.

Gänder Consulting Group develops a project timeline and reviews current property and casualty insurance/risk management program data, service agreements and commission/compensation bases. A pre-qualification effort is undertaken, RFQ document prepared with program data and service requirements, and management of the process includes answering questions, reviewing proposals, verifying references, conducting interviews, and summary report/recommendations. A P&C broker RFQ can be a stand-alone service, or it can be used to qualify a select number of brokers to be included in a formal marketing/bid process.


Gänder Consulting Group develops and monitors insurance and risk management programs for national and state associations. These efforts include, but are not limited to, counseling program trustees, matching carriers with programs, drafting contracts, ensuring contractual compliance, reviewing actuarial reports, and analyzing policy language.

Gänder Consulting Group works at your direction. Our services include, but are not limited to: agents and brokers duty of care; casualty insurance policy wording interpretation; casualty coverage analysis; underwriting process evaluation; property/casualty coverage negotiation; liability coverages; premium disputes, workers' compensation rating plan structure and review; and property/casualty and benefits group insurance programs for a public entity and non-profit trade associations.

Gänder Consulting Group is available to develop and present seminars to explain coverages offered by your insurance programs, provide educational information on risk control and claim issues, and/or detail other pertinent insurance-related topics affecting your organization.



Communication is key to understanding your company’s philosophy for and the financial resources backing an employee benefits program. Gänder Consulting Group meets with management to discuss and evaluate benefits and objectives. Based on interviews, reviewing plan documents, and knowledge of current markets and plan designs, suggestions will be given to develop and/or restructure a plan tailored to specific program needs.

After obtaining and analyzing plan documents describing benefit and contribution levels, eligibility, costs, claim/utilization reports, and discussions with management, we compare the material to benchmarks in the marketplace. Recommendations for changes to enhance the value of the plan to employees, identification of plan design inefficiencies, and ideas for streamlining administration and service will be presented in detail.

Gänder Consulting Group develops a project timeline and reviews current employee benefit programs/offerings, service contracts and revenue/compensation bases. A pre-qualification effort is undertaken, RFQ document prepared with program data and service requirements, and management of the process includes answering questions, reviewing proposals, conducting interviews, and negotiating proposed broker service contract.

The competitive bidding process involves drafting an RFP based on desired benefit levels, plan design, eligibility, and contribution requirements. Interested agents/brokers are approached for quotations. Proposals are received and reviewed by Gänder Consulting Group. A detailed summary of the responses and a report containing rationale/recommendations for a benefits package is then presented. As requested, we assist with plan implementation. We are available to manage the bidding process from beginning to end.

Information provided to Gänder Consulting Group will be handled on a confidential basis.
Conclusions or opinions will be arrived at independently based on the facts of the case,
our knowledge and experience, and, if appropriate, published material.