Benefit Strategy Development

Communication is key to understanding your company’s philosophy for and the financial resources backing an employee benefits program.  Gänder Consulting Group will meet with management to discuss and evaluate benefits and objectives.  Based on interviews, reviewing plan documents, and knowledge of current markets and plan designs, suggestions will be given to develop and/or restructure a plan tailored to specific program needs.

Plan Evaluation & Design

After obtaining and analyzing all plan documents describing benefit and contribution levels, eligibility, costs, claim/utilization reports, and discussions with management, we will compare the material to benchmarks in the marketplace.  Recommendations for changes to enhance the value of the plan to employees, identification of plan design inefficiencies, and ideas for streamlining administration and service will be presented in detail.

Program Marketing for Fully Insured & Self-Funded Programs

The competitive bidding process involves drafting an RFP based on desired benefit levels, plan design, eligibility, and contribution requirements.  Interested agents/brokers are approached for quotations.  Proposals are received and reviewed by Gänder Consulting Group.  A detailed summary of the responses and a report containing rationale/recommendations for a benefits package is then presented.  As requested, we will assist with plan implementation.  We are available to manage the entire bidding process from beginning to end.

All information provided to Gänder Consulting Group will be handled on a confidential basis.

All conclusions or opinions will be arrived at independently based on the facts of the case, our knowledge and experience,

and, if appropriate, published material.