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EPA Study on the Effectiveness of UST Insurance as a Financial Responsibility (FR) Mechanism

Gänder Consulting Group, LLC conducted a study on behalf of the United States Environmental Protection Agency – Underground Storage Tank Office entitled, “The Effectiveness of UST Insurance as a Financial Responsibility (FR) Mechanism,” December 2011.  The purpose of the study was to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of private insurance as a FR mechanism for […]

The Financial Health of Insurance Companies: It Matters

Looking at the financial strength ratings of insurance companies is one way of assessing their long-term ability to pay claims 20 years from now. The most worrisome long-term liability concern for Wisconsin public school districts is a sexual assault claim involving a minor — not only because of the harm caused to the child involved, […]

A Seller’s Market

The property and casualty insurance market is like the tide; it changes on a regular basis.  Two years ago, the insurance market was soft – a buyer’s market.  For the past year or so, it’s been firming, or a seller’s market. Competition is a good thing; we deal with it every day, and strive to […]

Hacks, Ransomware and Breaches – Oh My!

Even though I’m a techie neophyte, I began writing this article by jotting down a few general ideas and, in no time flat, I had a list nearly a page long. The subject of risk management and computer security, breaches and hackings is that extensive.

So, let’s start with the basics. Cyber threats (“exposures,” in risk management lingo), are internal and external, intentional and unintentional.

Selecting a Nearly-Infallible Machine: Insurance Company Ratings

Imagine needing a machine to work 365 days per year, 24/7.

Imagine the machine must fulfill a specific purpose for no less than three years, and may be called upon to perform certain tasks, which cannot be duplicated by any similar or replacement machine, for 20 years after the initial three. Machine breakdowns are unacceptable and such failures have grave financial and reputational implications for you on a professional and personal level.

Good Risk Management Can Cut Insurance Costs

“Rumors were circulating at Carol’s wholesale business that the sales manager, Tom, was interested in “getting involved” with Christa, the firm’s new salesperson. Christa, on the other hand, had turned down many of Tom’s offers, but Tom’s ego would not let him relent. Carol is concerned Christa will leave, and worse yet, initiate legal action against the business. The company is already working on a thin profit margin, and Carol knows she cannot afford the legal expenses from this or any other sexual harassment claim. What should she do?”

The Impact of an Employee’s Dishonesty: When 1 + 1 Does Not = 2

Store 13* had increased its sales each month since opening a year and a half ago. Some increases were as much as 23 percent over previous months. Now, all of a sudden, sales were flat and in some cases, lower than before. Home office personnel inquired with the manager, “Have any new convenience stores opened […]